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Don’t over share when on a first date. It can be overwhelming when you fire off everything about you for the first time. Leave a little mystery and keep some things back for the second date. Take a look at our Date Ideas post here …

All dating sites are different. Many like geeky are niche sites. Plus like geeky they are free to join and browse. Why not try a few for free then find the ones you like and concentrate on them. Take a look at some of our …

Don’t always go to the same place when going on a date. Mix it up a little, and be adventurous. Check out some of our date ideas here. First Date Ideas

Don’t turn up late to your date, always leave plenty of time to get to the venue. If you are going to be late send them a message as soon as possible letting them know that you will be late so they are not left …

Always wear your favourite perfume or aftershave when spending time with someone you like. So when you are not around and they smell that scent they will find themselves thinking of you.

When going on a date, dress to impress. But not just your date, sure its nice to look nice for your date but if you don’t like the way you look you won’t feel comfortable. So dress for yourself as well.

You want to show someone you like them, then smile. A smile can be very sexy so give them your best smile hold there gaze for a second then look away before glancing up to meet there eyes again.

Don’t be afraid to touch your date, gentle touches on the forearm are great ways to send good shivers to there body. But don’t over do it. leave them wanting more rather than getting annoyed with all the touching.

If you are not sure if your date is that in to you try stepping closer to them for a few seconds then step back. If they step forward to gain the closeness again you can be fairly sure they like you.