Tips for Creating an Eye-Grabbing Online Profile

Posted on: 10th July 2014 | by Emily

Tips for Creating an Eye-Grabbing Online Profile

An effective online profile for a dating website is not just about  having a nice looking picture and adding a couple of words about how great you are, it is about selling yourself with your photo and words. After all, your profile could be viewed by thousands of prospective viewers and its important that you make a good first impression. So, it’s important to put your best foot forward and avoid turn offs like bad photos, offensive language, misspelled word, incorrect grammar, etc. It’s also imperative to include truthful information that will help prospective dates see you for the gem that you are.

The best way to attract attention in a dating website– hands down, is to have a stellar online profile. One that is honest, insightful and has a professional photograph. After all, this will not only boost your online reputation but it will help you steer clear of prospective mismatches in the future.

Here are easy-to-do tips for upgrading your online profile that won’t make it looks contrived, hard sell, or misleading.

Your Photo Matters

Every person has at least one angle where he or she photographs best. Find that angle by using your mobile phone or a computer app then invest in a studio shot or get a professional photographer to help you out. Keep in mind the following factors:

  • Your outfit should complement your body shape and the shape of your face. For example, if you have an elongated face, don’t wear anything that would draw attention to it like a plunging necklace or an unbuttoned polo shirt.
  • The colours of your outfit and make-up should not clash with the background and must complement your skin tone.
  • The background and lighting are critical factors in highlighting your best features.
  • Say no to cheesy photos or something that is too sexy because that would automatically turn-off half the people viewing your profile – and one of them could be the right match for you.
  • Most important is to post clear images otherwise it would look like you are hiding something with a pixelated photo.

Your Interests

Be positive about what you love to do and are willing to try but avoid being too graphic about certain adult topics/interests. Although, you should not claim to be an expert if you really don’t have the experience or knowledge. Instead, profess an interest in learning more about certain hobbies or activities.

Your Self Description

You will have to input physical characteristics. Be honest because it will eliminate unnecessary encounters or chats. Why go through that kind of hassle and expense? Would you want to go on a date with someone who lies about size, height, or weight?

Instead of simply inputting the numbers, consider adding some interested factoids about yourself or statistical studies on successful people with similar physical characteristics?

Finally, do not use clichés. It’s boring and one of the top reasons for being passed over.
By following the above tips, you will have an eye-popping and stellar profile that will not only get loads of attention but will help you find Mr. or Mrs. Right.

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