Why you should leave the light on for sex

Posted on: 20th May 2017 | by Emily

Do you as soon as you start getting naked with your man quickly turn off the lights and jump under the covers before he sees you? If you are read on.

It is easy to become insecure about our appearance with all the daily messages we have about how we should look like, slim, curvy, tall, petite the list is endless and it can be dishearten when you see your favourite celebrity looking the way they do and you don’t look anything like them. You can feel insecure about the way you look and of course when you are insecure you want to hide the part you feel is your worse quality, and not show it off.

Language of Desire 

But do you know what, that is exactly what you should do.

Have sex with your man with the lights on, in broad day light.

Let him take in your sexy body with his eyes and not just his hands, let him run his eyes across your body taking in all the sights even the parts you feel insecure about.


Men are highly visual creatures, where women desire words to turn them on men love to look, they love to look at women’s bodies and admire their curves.  Plus when he can see you having pleasure while he is making love to you, it can send his brain into sexual overdrive.

When you allow him to adore and pleasure your body feeds his ego. One of the number one things that turn a man on is seeing his women getting turned on by his touch and seeing you getting pleasure. The last thing he sees is how much cellulite you have got or how big your bottom is.

He wants to know he is taking to sexual heaven, and if you are too worried about what your body looks like you can not let yourself go to all the pleasurable sensations that is happening to your body. If you refuse certain sexual positions because you are worried about how you look you are showing him that you are not really enthusiastic about it all.

Talk Dirty to Your Man

When he can watch himself having sex with you it can really turn him on.

His two main sense are getting an overload. Not only does he get to touch you physically and can feel the amazing sex you are having he gets to watch it as well. A perfect night or day of sex for him and if you also include dirty talking or a satisfactory moan he will be in heaven. His brain will be on fire and will not be able to stop thinking about you for days afterwards. If you can last that long that is.

Positions that show off your body are perfect to let him see you body, why not let him choose the position that can show you off the way he likes it. Doggie style is great as he will have a front view of all the action.

Yes I know it is scary, putting your body out there for him to devour can be nerve racking. But remember the last thing he is looking at is what you see as your bad points. He will see sexy curves, a great bum, and more than likely just be thinking yes I am now having sex with a sexy hot women.

What he is definitely not doing is judging what you look like. So stop worrying.

All he is concentrating on is the amazing hot sex he is having with you. Not how many stretch marks you have.

Also when he tells you how hot and sexy you are, or that you have the most beautiful body he has ever seen, believe him. Don’t by any means point out your flaws or put yourself down.

Language of Desire

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